Research projects


July 2023 October 2023

Thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Udine and DILL (Department of Languages and Literatures, Communication, Education and Society) of the University of Udine, ALL (Association of Graduates in Foreign Languages and Literatures) in collaboration with the PSG has carried out the PROJECT “Words, Songs, Dances. Encounters of Poetry and Beauty“, a cycle of 6 poetic-artistic events included in the UdinEstate 2023 program with the participation of the professor, philologist and artist Francesco Benozzo.

January 2018 – January 2022

PRID Project: ENEA. University of Udine research project, DILL Department (Department of Languages and Literature, Communication, Education and Society). Title: “Ecosustainable narratives in world literatures in English, applied linguistics and language education: transcultural and partnership models (Acronym: ENEA)”. Scientific coordinator: Professor Antonella Riem. Members of the research group: Professor Maria Bortoluzzi; Professor Deborah Saidero; Dr. Mattia Mantellato; Dr. Elisa Bertoldi; Dr. Valentina Boschian Bailo; Dr. Martina Zamparo.


October 2019 – January 2020

Anglistics Partnership Project (European Social Fund). Seminars and workshops on partnership cultures, literatures and education. Partnership and communication edition. Coordinated by Antonella Riem, with the participation of: Prof. Graziella Priulla (University of Catania), Prof. Alan Wildeman (University of Windsor), Prof. Antoinette Camilleri Grima (University of Malta), Mattia Mantellato, Sabina Bonardo, Andrea Vitullo, Elisa Bertoldi, Valentina Boschian Bailo, Martina Zamparo and Erika Di Bortolo Mel.



Foundation of The Partnership Studies Eco-Linguistics Circle (PSEC) of the University of Udine, a group of students, researchers and teachers who are interested in “eco-linguistics”. The group is part of the Partnership Studies Group of the University of Udine, directed by Prof. Antonella Riem.

June 2018 – May 2019

Project: Narration in English L2 for children and adolescents in informal acquisition contexts: innovative and inclusive approaches for local library networks by Dr. Elisa Bertoldi.

October 2018 – January 2019

Anglistics Partnership Project (European Social Fund). Seminars and workshops on partnership cultures, literatures and education. Coordinated by Antonella Riem, with the participation of: Mattia Mantellato, Prof. Maria Cristina Fumagalli (University of Essex), Prof. Mauro Ceruti (IULM University), Elisa Bertoldi, Prof. Francesca Bianchi, Valentina Boschian Bailo, Martina Zamparo, Prof. Elena Semino, and Prof. Jonathan Culpeper (University of Lancaster).


March – May

Cycle of Seminars on Partnership with the participation of: Laura Cimetta (English teacher and digital trainer F.V.G.), Alessandro Rinaldi (DOF Consulting), Piera Giacconi (Piccola Scuola Italiana Cantastorie), Loretta Innocenti, Maria Sestito, Nicholas Jose (Professor and writer, Western Sydney University), Nella Maccarrone and Mattia Mantellato (dancer, choreographer and performer, University of Udine).


October – December

Cycle of Seminars on Partnership with the participation of: Coral Ann Howells (Professor Emerita, University of Reading – Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, University of London), Anne Mullen (University of Laval, Quebec, Canada), Gail Jones (Professor and writer, Western Sydney University), Dianna Cannizzo (freelance writer, teacher trainer), Paolo Bartoloni (National University of Ireland, Galway). University of Udine.


24 November

Intuitive genius in communication according to ancient fairy tales 2012. Workshop and lectio magistralis by Jean Pascal Debailleul. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

November 2012 – January 2013

Creative Word: Educational, literary, and linguistic aspects of the Partnership vision. Seminars on the creative word within the PRIN research project “Creative Word and Scientistic Term” in English languages and literatures: intercultural and partnership models coordinated at the national level by Professor Antonella Riem.


15 – 18 February

Participation in the InnovAction Fair: a fair of knowledge, ideas, innovation at the service of businesses.


1 – 2 April

Seminar entitled Il potere della donna (Woman’s power), Hernan Huarache Mamani (shaman and curandero). Villa Glori of Pradamano.

23 June

Round table: Poetry, resistance and human rights with Lance Henson, Natalia Molebatsi, Muin Masri, Militant, Giuliano Giuliani, and Franco Corleone. University of Udine.

25 June

Round table: Italia Creola: scrittrici migranti raccontano, with Armando Gnisci, Jarmila Ockayova, Laila Wadia, Melita Richter, Silvia De Marchi, and Mauro Daltin. University of Udine.

8 July

Seminar by the South African poetess Natalia Molebatsi: Rastafari in Urban South Africa: Resistance, difference and fundamentals, with the presentation and translation by Raphael d’Abdon (ALL). Screening of the documentary “Giant Steps. An Afrocentric approach to blackness today”, which is about poetry and resistance in South Africa. Rivellino Park, Osoppo (Udine).


18 April

La poesia in dialetto with Nino de Vita and Franco Loi (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

28 April

Martha Canfield: Poetry and translation, with the participation of Humberto Ak’abal, Maya poet from Guatemala (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

17 May

Luciano Cecchinel: Venetian poetry and young writers in Friuli with the participation of the debutant Giovanni Turra: Le parole abitate (Inhabited words), Canovaccio readings. University of Udine.


25 March

Canovaccio readings coordinated by Prof. Anna Panicali: “The Enchantment: nursery rhymes, phono-rhythmic nenie and lullabies”. Read in the original language (Italian, Friulian, English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, French and Russian) and in Italian translation with musical accompaniment. Reading, in Friulian, of short (unpublished) texts by Novella Cantarutti. The meeting is dedicated to Andreina Stefanutti. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

10 – 11 – 12 May

Soggetti in movimento (Moving subjects): International Festival of Literature, Cinema and Art on immigration, at Tomadini Hall and at the Pàbitelè Circle in Udine.



Publication of the book: Words from the Edge – Parole dall’orlo del mondo (bilingual edition, Udine, Forum) edited by Antonella Riem and Mauro Marra. A collection of poems chosen and presented during the homonymous event held in November 2000 – Words from the edge, meeting with three indigenous poets from tribal populations whose existence is threatened: Thounaojam Chanu Ibemhal Memchoubi, Manipuri poetess, India; Apirana Taylor, Maori poet and writer; Lance Henson, Cheyenne poet, Oklahoma.


28 February

Rosi Braidotti: Nomadic subject: the journey of a Friulian beyond the cage of identity, in collaboration with the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures. University of Udine.

4 – 5 July

Jim Phelps (University of Zululand): DH Lawrence and the body unconscious: Desire and reason in the global age and The new South Africa. Postcolonial or neo-colonial?, in collaboration with the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures. University of Udine.

2 October

Reading from her work: Woman as Goddess, Woman as sacrificed to the Gods (Janette Turner Hospital, writer) and The Land My Mother: Judith Wright and the discovery of Australia (Veronica Brady, Emeritous Professor, University of Western Australia), in collaboration with the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Udine.

15 November

Alessandro Grossato: Planetary types and actors in the hermetic theatre of the Elizabethan age, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. University of Udine.



9 March

TEDX UDINE 2019. Antonella Riem presents the talk Narrare la partnership con l’Umano (Narrating Partnership with the Human) at TEDxUdine 2019. San Giorgio Theatre, Udine. 9 March 2019. 

16 October

Dedication ceremony of Hall 7 in Palazzo Antonini to Elena Lucrezia Corner Piscopia. Opening remarks by the Rector of the University of Udine, Roberto Pinton, and the Dean of the Department of Languages and Literatures, Communication, Education and Society, Antonella Riem. Speeches by Fabiana Fusco (University of Udine) and Graziella Priulla (University of Catania).


19 February

Homage to a traveller: remembering Pierluigi Cappello. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine. “Pierluigi Cappello: a poet on the track of light”. A day in memory of the Friulian poet. Speakers: Antonella Riem, Franco Fabbro, Vincenzo della Mea, Gianmario Villalta, Nicola Crocetti, Angela Urbano, Giampaolo Gri, Anselmo Paolone, Aldo Colonnello, Isabella Pers, Tiziana Pers and Paolo Medeossi. Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, “Conversations, visions and readings. Pierluigi Cappello: a poet on the track of light”. Speakers: Giuseppe Bevilacqua, Paolo Comuzzi, Marco D’Agostini, Augusta Eniti, Paolo Medeossi and Marco Turello.

13 – 14 September

International Conference: Transcending the Postmodern: Portrayals of the Human in Late Twentieth and Early Twenty-First Century Fiction. Lecture Hall of the School of Humanities, Palazzo Balbi Cattaneo, University of Genoa.

11 October

Conference: Endangered Aboriginal Languages in Australia held by Ghil’ad Zuckermann (Professor of Linguistic and Endangered Languages, University of Adelaide Australia). Hall 7, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

24 November

International Conference: Yoga and Advaita. Palazzo Toppo-Wassermann, University of Udine. Speakers: Antonella Riem and Franco Fabbro (University of Udine), Giuliano Boccali (State University of Milan), Fausto Freschi (Luigi Pio Tessitori Indological Society), Antonio Rigopoulos (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) and Alberto Pelissero (University of Turin).


19 – 21 April

International conference: Living Together on this Earth: Eco-sustainable Narratives and Environmental Concerns in English Literature/s. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


15 April

International conference: La vera ricchezza delle nazioni: cultura e valori dell’economia di cura (The Real Wealth of Nations: Cultures and Values of a Caring Economy). Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

17 June

International conference: Rethinking literature in a globalised world and in a digital era. Conference Room ‘Ignazio Ambrogio’, University of Roma Tre


19 – 20 June

International conference: Interrogating the Representations of Peace and War in English Literature/s: Theory, Texts, History and Social Practices. Rectorate, Conference Hall, University of Salento.


15 May

Meeting entitled Margins of HumanityAnimality and social ontology with Leonardo Caffo, Tiziana Pers, Valentina Sonzogni and Sabrina Tonutti. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine. Within the programme Vicino/Lontano 2014 (Udine).


15 – 17 May

International conference: Partnership Studies in World Literatures in English. University of Salento, Lecce.

15 – 16 June

Gaia@mente: first International Biocentrism Festival in Italy.


18 January

Presentation of the “Anna Panicali Award” and of the volume in honour of Anna Panicali: Un Tremore di FoglieScritti e Studi in Ricordo di Anna Panicali (A Tremor of LeavesWritings and Studies in Memory of Anna Panicali), published by Forum Editrice. Gusmani Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

20 January

A Native voice: creativity, sound, and dance as instruments for peace. Meeting with Victor Hugo Paz Alvarez, “Ichu”, which means “Plant that never dies” (Peru). He is a teacher, peace missionary, and the great-grandson of the Curuhuambo people, who became extinct in 1970; he works to recover his traditional culture through conferences, conventions, seminars, dances, songs, and music. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

24 January

Meeting with Andrea Vitullo, inspirer of managers and writers: with his company “Inspire” he works in companies to inspire managers and people through the construction of rooms and spaces for reflection. His books, from Leadership Riflessive (Reflective Leadership)(Apogeo Editore, 2006; in the philosophical practices series directed by Umberto Galimberti) to Leadershithow toget rid of the mystique of leadership and make room for us in the world  (Ponte alle Grazie Editore, 2011), invite us to deal with the sense and non-sense of the word “leader” that keeps shaping the world — a world that is looking for something else… but cannot admit it yet. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.


28 November

Translation and cultural hybridism in Salman Rushdie’s masterpiece Midnight’s Children. Meeting with Franca Cavagnoli, professor of translation (ISIT and State University of Milan), writer and translator of some of the most important English language writers (David Malouf, Toni Morrison, V. S. Naipaul, J. M. Coetze, W. S. Burroughs). Caiselli Hall, University of Udine.

30 November

Postcolonial Mappae Mundi. Literary mapping in Joseph Conrad, Jamaica Kincaid, Amitav Ghosh and Derek Walcott: seminar with Professor John Thieme, Professor of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine

15 December

The word of the philosopher and the term of the scientist. Reflections on language starting from Raimon Panikkar. Meeting with Paolo Calabrò, scholar of Raimon Panikkar’s thought, Maurice Bellet, Ivan Illich and Zygmunt Bauman. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

19 December

Tsitsistas creative word. We are Human Beings: meeting with Lance Henson, Tsististas (Southern Cheyenne), spokesperson for Native cultures around the world in Geneva since 1988. One of the most representative poets of contemporary American literature, he has published over 30 poetry books, which have already been translated into 25 languages; his work appears in many poetry anthologies in English. A member of the Native American Church, Dog Soldier since 1978, he has been actively involved in the fight for the rights of the Cheyenne and indigenous peoples of the world for more than 30 years. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.

20 December

Soul Making Music and the Poetic Voice: meeting with Natalia Molebatsi, artist, performer and spoken-word poet/artist. She is considered one of the most important exponents of the new African poetry, attends festivals around the world and organises numerous literary events in South Africa. She is accompanied by two musicians from the lively Friulian music scene: the multi-instrumentalist Leo Virgili and the double bass player Simone Serafini. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini. University of Udine.


8 March

Meeting on South Africa: introduction by Marie Antoinette Saracino; with the participation of Sindiwe Magona and Silvia Amodio; reading of poems by Natalia Molebatsi. Conference Hall, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

22 – 23 April

International Conference: Identities in Transition in the English-Speaking Word. Alpine Adriatic Anglistics Meeting 2010. University of Udine.

5 and 6 November
International conference: Romance writing in English literature. Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Bari.

6 December

A world of Storytelling: Meeting the poet Tsitsistas (Cheyenne) Lance Henson. University of Udine.

13 December

The ecological vision of Native Americans. Meeting with Professor Victor Hugo Pez Alvarez, “Ichu”. University of Udine.


9 – 11 November

International Conference: Partnership Id-Entities: Cultural and Literal Re-inscription/s of the Feminine. University of Udine.


7 March

Meeting with Prof. Naomi Baron (American University of Washington) entitled: Having Your Say: New Media and Written Expression. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

11 March

Meeting with Prof. Sergio Perosa (University of Venice) entitled: Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

17 – 19 November

International Conference on Partnership Studies and African Oral PoetryAzania Speaks. Visions of Partnership in Africa: The Art of the Spoken Art. 

1 December

Lesson on literary translation by Franca Cavagnoli, Professor of Theory and Technique of English Translation at ISIT and the University of Milan: The Risk of Exoticizing and Ridiculing the Foreigner: The Translation of Pidgins and Creoles. University of Udine.

4 December

Presentation of the book History of Australia by Luciano Bini. University of Udine.

11 December

Meeting with Gabriella Bertolissi, Curriculum Project Manager del Lote (Language Other Than English), Melbourne (Australia): Australian Literature and Education. University of Udine.


19 – 22 April

International Conference: The Goddess Awakened: Partnership Studies in Education and World Literatures in English, University of Udine.

4 October

Lesson by Veronica Brady, Emeritus Professor, University of Western Australia, entitled: Gail Jones: Writing and the écriture feminine. University of Udine.

13 November

Meeting with Prof. Paolo Bartoloni, University of Sydney, Australia, entitled: Translation, memory and urban space. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

3 December

Meeting with Prof. Alessandro Grossato, Indologist and historian of religions, entitled: Theatre of Masks and Elizabethan Theatre. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

12 December

Conference on Polish poetry and literature. Speakers: Julia Hartwig, Jaroslaw Mikolajewski, Andrea Ceccherelli, Silvano De Fanti and Francesco Groggia. Hall of Acts, Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


16 February

Presentation of the book La donna dalla coda d’argento (The Silver-tailed Woman), edited by Hernan Huarache Mamani (shaman and curandero). Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

7 April

International conference: Words from the Edge 2: Indigenous poets of the New World. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


19 and 26 January

Alessandro Grossato: Christian esotericism from its origins to the present day, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, via Margreth, University of Udine.

5 – 7 March

Sconfinando: conoscere la realtà femminile in India. (Beyond Borders: Women’s World in India). Itineraries of peace, gender, spirituality and women’s literature.

26 – 27 April

Conference entitled Subjects on the move. Immigration and migrations among cinema, literature, art and societyAn interdisciplinary reflection on the delicate issue of migration, with the participation of local bodies, Italian scholars of the field, and artists from different European and non-European countries. University of Udine.

4 May

Homage to Giorgio Caproni, a day dedicated to the famous poet with the participation of numerous poets and critics. Reading of some of his poems by Rita Maffei and Fabiano Fantini (Canovaccio readings). University of Udine.

12 June

Meeting entitled Italia Creola: scrittori migranti raccontano within the event Udine Solidale. With the participation of Armando Gnisci, Christiana de Caldas Brito, and Kossi-Komla Ebri.

30 November – 1 December

International Conference: Anam Cara: Poetry, Wisdom and Women of Peace. Palazzo Antonini, Conference Hall, University of Udine.


13 January

Anna Panicali (University of Udine): In dialogue with Alda Merini’s poetry. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

15 January

Franca Cavagnoli: Translating post-colonial authors: David Malouf’s novels and short stories. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

29 April

Franca Bacchiega: On the edge of gambling. The conversation is accompanied by the young poet Andrea Muzzatti from Udine. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

3 – 4 – 5 June

Il cammino delle comete – The Comet’s Path: international poetry meetings, at the Cloister and the Chapter Hall of the Convent of St. Francis, Piazza San Francesco, Pistoia.

3 November

Hindu and Elizabethan Theatre in comparisonConference by Alessandro Grossato. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

30 November

Lance Henson, Cheyenne poet, reads his poems and tells the stories of his people. Cheyenne Poetry. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

9 December

Franca Cavagnoli: Literary translation. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

14 – 15 December

Hassan Dyck e Anusheh: Sofism from the view of the Saints: God is beautiful and loves beauty. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


15 January

Armando Gnisci (University of Roma1): Decolonizing the European mind. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

28 January

Antonella Riem (University of Udine): Aboriginal Dreamtime. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

7 October

Australian writer Geoff Page reads and comments on his work. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

28 – 31 October

Cultural project: Altri segni – Altre voci (Other signs – Other voices). Organised in collaboration with the Department of Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Udine.

16 December

Armando Gnisci (University of Roma1): Congo in Western Imagination. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


14 – 15 June

Second International Conference entitled Partnership and Education: Possible Meanings and Contexts, by the research group Alpine-Adriatic-Anglistics (AAA), University of Udine, in collaboration with the Universities of Klagenfurt and Ljubljana. 

12 November

Alessandro Grossato: Coleridge and Hinduism. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

3 December

Paola Lucarini Poggi and Cesare Ruffato: Word to poetry. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

10 December

Edoardo Duran (University of New Mexico): The use of dreams and story-telling. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

11 December

Paolo Bartoloni (University of Sydney): Interstitial Translation. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.


12 – 13 October

International conference: Anglistics Beyond Borders / brez meja / senza confini / ohne Grenzen, by the research group Alpine-Adriatic-Anglistics (AAA). University of Udine, in collaboration with the Universities of Klagenfurt and Ljubljana.

13 December

With the aim of promoting studies, research and events on cultural issues, some members of the Association have been discussing the following topic: Which literature(s) in the era of globalization?, which is also the title of the first issue of the online magazine Le Simplegadi, available on our website.


9 November

International conference: Words from the Edge, meeting with three indigenous poets from tribal populations whose existence is threatened: Thounaojam Chanu Ibemhal Memchoubi, Manipuri poetess, India; Apirana Taylor, Maori poet and writer; Lance Henson, Cheyenne poet, Oklahoma. Palazzo Antonini, University of Udine.

13 December

Introductory lecture on the legal problems of e-commerce, held by Lawyer Glauco Riem (Professor of Legal Informatics, University of Trieste), at the Associazione Piccole e Medie Industrie (Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), viale Ungheria, Udine.

18 December

Presentation of a volume in honour of Prof. Andrea Csillaghy, followed by a four-hand piano concert. Kolbe Hall, University of Udine.



30 June

Artistic project of the Partnership Studies Group ART entitled Living Bodies@Blurring Realities in the context of Conoscenza in Festa 2018. The project dialogues with the city of Udine through installations and performances centred on the connection between the physicality of the body and the immaterial and blurred frame of the digital. Coordinated by DMAV, artists Tiziana Pers and Isabella Pers, choreographer and performer Mattia Mantellato and the Scuola Italiana Cantastorie (“Italian Storytelling School”) with Piera Giacconi.


12 May

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Spanish philosopher and writer Maria Zambrano, scenic reading from her play Antigone’s Tomb. The text is adapted with musical accompaniment, choir, and voice-overs in Italian and Spanish, by Anna Panicali. Conference Hall, University of Udine.

16 June

Un arcobaleno di Lingue in Festa, (A Rainbow of Festive Languages), organised by ALL with the collaboration of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the University of Udine. Concert by Daniel Rivera, Madrassi Hall, via Gemona, Udine.


17 November

Reunion of the Graduates from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures held on the occasion of the Faculty’s first twenty years of existence. Foundation of the Association of Graduates in Languages – ALL, by Prof. Antonella Riem.